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Parsley, Lia Principal
Winton, Lisa Assistant Principal/Instructional Coordinator

Anderson, Nikki Physical Education
Ball, Jeanne PT
Barnard, Andrew Music
Cashion, Leah Third Grade Math and Science
Cherry, Amber Special Education ELA
Cornelius, Emily Fourth Grade-Math/Science
Damron, Carol Ann Pre-Kindergarten
Daughtery, Jamie Special Education Math
Feller, Michelle Behavior Modification
Frost, Tosha Second Grade
Garland, Benji Fourth Grade ELA and Social Studies
Greer, LeAnn Fifth Grade ELA and Social Studies
Griffin, Miranda First Grade
Hitch, Tori Fifth Grade Math and Science
Holder, Rachel Third Grade ELA/Social Studies
Jordan, Sarah Speech
Lewis, Brooklynn Kindergarten
Rains, Sarah Librarian
Shelton, Betty CDC
Shew, Tonia Occupational Therapy
Snyder, Laurie Reading Interventionist
Spearman, Devin First Grade
Teal, Holly Math Interventionist
Trail, Donna Nurse
Trail, Kimberley Second Grade
Umbarger, Brook Kindergarten
Vaughn, Alisha School Counselor
Wilder, Kinsy CDC

Alford, Cynthia Part time Custodian
Brown, Pam Food Service
Campbell, Misty CDC Teacher Assistant
Clapsaddle, Sandy Curriculum Teacher Assistant
Dowell, Amanda Teaching Assistant
Duplechin, Dora Food Service
Freeze, Dorothy Food Service
Gold, Phillip CDC Assistant
Grant, Brandi Special Education Assistant
Hale, Mandy Teaching Assistant
Kathy, Ferrell Secretary/Bookkeeper
Parsley, Kim Special Education Assistant
Rigsby, Teresa Cafeteria Manager
Shelton, Marie CDC Assistant
Sims, Susan Interventionist Assistant
Stedry, Christy School Custodian
White, Dorothy Pre-K Teachers Assistant
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