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Autumn Price-Howell Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language Arts, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Spelling, Writing


2009 BS in Special Education from MTSU


My experience with Special Education comes in many forms. I worked as a Special Education Assistant for 6 years while working on my degree. I also provided private tutoring using Discrete Trial and the Lovaas Model. I obtained my teaching degree in 2009. Since that time, I have taught Behavior Modification, Extended Resource/CDC, and Resource.


My experience comes in many forms when it comes to being a special educator. However, none of them compare to teaching and watching my son grow into the young man that he has become. You see, I am the proud mother to one of the 68 that has been diagnosed with Autism. I can proudly say that he has taught me more about life and living then I could ever teach him.

I like for my parents to know that I have sat on the same side of the IEP table as them. I also like for them to understand that they know their child best, now and always. That is why positive communication between home and school is vital in meeting the needs of their child on an individual level.

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