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School-Parent-Student Compact

Coffee County Schools
School-Parent-Student Compact

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We value your role in helping your child achieve high academic standards. The following is an outline of some ways that we can build and maintain a partnership to share responsibility for supporting your child's learning. In signing the compact, each party agrees to maintain best efforts in supporting learning.

School's Responsibility:

Provide high quality curriculum, learning materials, and a learning environment that enable children to meet the state's student academic achievement standards
Provide you with assistance in understanding academic achievement standards, assessments and how to monitor your child's progress
Provide opportunities for ongoing communication between you and teachers through, at a minimum:
annual parent-teacher conferences,
mid-nine week academic progress reports and quarterly report cards
reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer, and observe classroom activities

Teacher's Signature: ____________________________________

Parent's Responsibility:
Encourage your child to attend school on time and regularly
Encourage your child to show positive school behavior
Review homework and offer assistance every night
Monitor your child's social media presence and time spent on electronic devices
Review and sign progress reports and report cards
Attend parent-teacher conferences and participate, when appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of your child
Request conferences as needed with your child's teacher
Volunteer in your child's school and classroom if time or schedule permits

Parent/Guardian's Signature: _____________________________

Student's Responsibility:
Attend school every day possible, be on time, and strive for less than 5 absences per semester
Come to school prepared
Complete and return homework and ask for help when needed
Provide parents with all notices and information received from school
Be responsible and respectful

Student's Signature: ____________________________________

*Please sign and return to your child's homeroom teacher.

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